Aircraft Engines, Certified and Experimental Engines. Eagle Engine Overhaul and XTreem Series. Engine overhaul, repairs and refurbishing

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Eagle Engine Overhaul - Exchange Engines - XP Experimental Series

AMERITECH INDUSTRIES’ engine division EAGLE ENGINES, is known in the aviation industry as the front-runner with new technologies, a state-of-the-art facility and the most highly skilled technicians with years of experience specializing in both certified and experimental aircraft engines.

EAGLE ENGINES offers engine and component services, sales and support for Continental, Lycoming, Superior Air Parts and Engine Components for both certified and experimental aircraft. Services range from cylinder repairs, prop strike inspections, complete overhauls, to engine conversions.

Each engine is assembled by one of our specially trained technicians in a “one-on-one” assembly procedure; the engine assembly is started and finished by only one technician.

- Eagle Engine Overhaul
- Experimental Engines Lycoming Leaning Procedure
Lycoming Break-In Procedure
Continental Break-In Procedure

Customers will have the confidence they deserve when choosing EAGLE ENGINES, no matter how large or small the customer’s needs.

Julie Clark - Aerobatic Pilot - Team Ameritech Aviation - Aircraft Engines, Propellers, Engine Repair and Propeller Repair and Custom Props
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This is what Julie Clark of American Aerobatics has to say about AMERITECH INDUSTRIES:

“I push my engine to the limits with every air show I fly. Even with 1100 hours on the engine, I have never had any problems including vibration issues. Everything is balanced in perfect harmony and makes for great results. Mating my EAGLE ENGINE and my DESIGNER*PROP® was the best “marriage” a pilot could ask for. They both work smoothly together, assisting each other to make a great performance.”
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Delivery and Pickup of Engines, Propellers, Governors, Aviation mechanics work. For your convenience:
AMERITECH INDUSTRIES offers standard Pick-up and Delivery in the Western United States.
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